SMART WAY oral sprays use modern technology which ensures that vitamins and minerals are absorbed through the mouth mucose directly into the bloodstream. These food supplements are up to 2,6 times more effective compared to hard to swallow pills or capsules, which travel through the digestive system and lose part of its efficiency in the process.

Many supplements can  be used in combination with each other, but you should be cautious while using food supplements with similar active substances, which can result in exceeding the maximum daily dose. We highly recommend that you consult a health professional (doctor or pharmacist) before using any supplements together.

The recommended daily dose is always indicated on the packaging / label. The supplement intake is based on the recommended daily allowance for vitamins and nutrients. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

No. SMART WAY supplements do not contain any of these allergens. Should any of these supplements contain traces of any allergenes, it will be clearly indicated on the label.

You can purchase our products on Amazon UK. You can find an active link on each product page.

SMART WAY food supplements are long lasting even after opening them. Once opened, our products can be used for up to 2 years.

No. It is recommended that you keep SMART WAY food supplements in room temperature and avoid direct sunlight.

No. SMART WAY food supplements are completely sugar free.

Yes. All SMART WAY food supplements except Vitamin D3 do not contain any animal by-products.

The nozzle of the bottle may become clogged or dry over time. In this case, we recommend removing the nozzle head (without unscrewing the bottle itself) and rinsing it well with water. Returning the nozzle will allow you to continue using the food supplement spray successfully.